Pregnancy Update

Hello my loves, I thought I would give you a little update of where I am with my pregnancy. I’m now 31 weeks pregnant! I’m at the beginning of my third trimester. I have roughly 9 weeks left of pregnancy so really trying to enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant. Feeling my baby move & wriggle around is one of the most amazing feelings. My other children love to talk to my bump. There very much looking forward to meeting their new baby sister. I now have appointments at the hospital every two weeks & also with my community midwife. I have antibodies in my blood so the midwives & Dr like to keep a check on my antibody levels, as they can become dangerous to the baby if my antibodies rise to a certain level. If they do start to spike at the end of this pregnancy I will be given an induction. I’m hoping with this pregnancy that won’t happen as I would love to experience going into labour naturally, as with all my other children I’ve always been induced for one reason or another! ( but whatever way I go into labour will be ok as long as baby is healthy & happy )

My tummy now feels very heavy as baby is growing bigger week by week. My belly button has now changed from an inward to an outward! I don’t really have any food cravings as such, I just like eating! I always feel hungry lol. I do suffer from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) It can be very painful & uncomfortable, It hurts to walk, sit, just generally move around so I have been attending an aqua natal class I also do a gentle swim of 10 lengths of the pool after the class which seems to be helping a lot.

I know I’m heading towards the end of my pregnancy as I feel that “nesting” stage settling in. I’m trying to get everything in the house in order & clean ready for our new arrival. The one thing I really need to sort out is my hospital bag! I have already sorted the baby’s bag I just need mine sorting. I will do this in the coming week as you never know what pregnancy holds in the final stages!



I would love to hear any of your pregnancy experiences, Please leave a comment bellow.

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