Pregnant and nearly 40!…

Hello & a very Happy New Year to you all……


As some of you may know I’m currently pregnant. I’m 20 weeks pregnant so half way through my pregnancy. Personally I really enjoy pregnancy, for me I love feeling my baby move & I love seeing my other 3 children talk to their brother or sister It’s such a heart warming feeling. I won’t lie, the first weeks of pregnancy I found to be very tough, sickness, nausea, headaches it wasn’t pleasant but now that has past It’s lovely. Don’t get me wrong for me there are many twinges, aches and pains along the way but it’s all worth it & it’s all part of pregnancy. Some may say that being pregnant at my age is classed as old! I think these day’s many more women are having their children later in life. Keep yourself as healthy as you can, eat really well thats very important. I will be going for my second anomaly scan tomorrow which is super exciting as were finding out the sex of the baby! My other children have each guessed which sex they think the baby is, so we will see who was right tomorrow!

Stay tuned to find out what the baby is!…….

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Thank You for reading & see you in my next post! X

All comments, thoughts & opinions are from my own personal experiences.

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